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Test post #5

Obviously this is a test for me, attaching a blog, or rather moving a blog, MORNING COFFEE, to be attached directly to the new Spiritbuilding site. If you were tuned in last year about this time we announced some “new” news coming. That news was the roll out of a new Spiritbuilding site. We have wrestled with it for almost a year now, apologized for mailing charges, ignored template problems, etc until it was either change the template or pull the last of my hair out. We chose the former.

Soooo, this is the fifth test, and the first try of opening this blog up. All you experienced bloggers out there quit snickering as we try and get this old man, er, I mean this old site up to speed.


Btw. the heading pic and the full pic below is just a “look pretty” to make the site more personal.


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