Titus and James Study Workbook provides a crisp, clear, and straightforward exposition into both of these New Testament books. It contains not only numerous definitions and explanations, but also real-world, practical applications for today’s Christians. This workbook serves as an excellent accompaniment to one’s journey into Titus and James, and will leave the student of the Bible in a far better place than when he or she began it.

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Paul’s personal epistle to Titus, is brimming with theological truths as well as extremely relevant information for everyday Christian living. Titus has been sent to the Mediterranean island of Crete in order to strengthen the church there and oversee the appointment of elders. Paul’s letter not only tells Titus what he needs to teach, but also what needs to be done. This provides Christians today with a valuable insight into what we also must be teaching and doing.

The Epistle of James is one of the most practical, relevant, and down-to-earth epistles of the New Testament. It  addresses errors in reasoning, defects of the human heart, and ethical concerns. James is an enduring and indispensable guide for Christians of any generation, since the subjects it covers are just as timely and challenging today as they were for first-century believers.

127 pages, 13 lessons, soft cover, spiral bound, 8.5×11 workbook.


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