An Overview of Jeremiah / Lamentations

This workbook will serve as a study guide for nearly any adult Bible class as well as private or individual study.

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Jeremiah was called by God to prophesy concerning Judah’s deplorable situation following the death of King Josiah.  God was ready to send His people into Babylonian captivity, but He wanted Jeremiah to make it unmistakably clear as to why this was going to happen.    This message is  a clarion call to Christians to separate ourselves from the worldliness that threatens to corrupt our souls and destroy our churches.  This study guide covers the Book of Jeremiah in chronological order (as best as can be determined), providing a far better understanding of the prophecies and events as they unfold.  Lamentations will surprise you with its powerful and relevant messages for Christians today.  This workbook is an excellent resource for individual or class study.  

124 pages, soft cover, spiral bound, 8.5×11 workbook.


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