An Overview of Ezekiel

This workbook will serve as a study guide/helpful commentary for any adult Bible class as well as individual study.

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The Book of Ezekiel is one of the more difficult and yet fascinating books of the Old Testament. It foretells God’s judgment upon Jerusalem (Judah) for her sins but also provides glimpses into Israel’s spiritual regeneration under Messiah. It also describes some of the most extraordinary scenes that are found anywhere in Scripture. While many modern commentators have mistakenly turned it into an “end-times” code book, Ezekiel’s message is most certainly timeless and necessary for us today. In this book, we learn that God certainly hates sin and will punish the impenitent, but He loves righteousness and will show divine favor to those who pursue it. Thus, Ezekiel is a book of the certainty of God’s promises, whether these are promises of punishment or those of hope and restoration.

95 pages, 24 lessons, soft cover, spiral bound, 8.5×11 workbook.


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