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Sheree McMillen is a native of NE Arkansas and currently resides in Conway, AR, with her husband Bart and their three children, Todd, Jenna, and Allie.  Along with being a wife and mother, Sheree is the owner of a sign and wall art/design business, Super Sign Design.  She is also passionate about several other topics which she incorporates in her life.  She is an advocate of total wellness – mind, body, and spirit, so taking care of herself is a priority along with being an active member of Hwy 65 Church of Christ.  She has always been a dog lover and owner of which she is now taking to a new level.  She is currently training Sandy, their German Shepherd, to be a therapy dog so at the appropriate time the two of them can work as a team on visits to schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.  Sheree also enjoys several hobbies which she approaches with the same enthusiasm and energy which are:  writing, painting, reading, sewing, and exercising.

Sheree is the author of the book I Cried Out, You Answered Me.”

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