Royce & Cindy DeBerry


Royce and Cindy DeBerry are well qualified to speak on the subject of pare   nting. They were wed in January, 1972 and Royce has been preaching the gospel since October, 1971. Since 1976 they have labored in Indiana where he additionally has served as an elder since 1990. Cindy is a nurse by profession and worked at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. She continues to work part-time as a pediatric nurse in a home-care setting. Both DeBerrys have taught Bible classes for over thirty years; at different times both have taught age groups ranging from babies to adults. Before retiring in ‘05, the DeBerrys were special medical needs foster parents for the state of Indiana for almost twenty years. They cared for dozens of children from one day old to ten years old. Royce taught foster parent classes for the state in the ‘90’s. And the family tradition continues as three of their grown children and their mates have done foster care. Two of their daughters now teach foster parent classes for the state. They consider themselves blessed to have ten children and twenty-one grandchildren. Their four grown children and their mates are faithful Christians and two of their son’s-in-laws serve their congregation as deacons. All of them have taught various Bible classes. They firmly believe that the same principles that worked in parenting in Bible times will work today. Parenting Through the Ages and Marriage Through the Ages is co-authored by Royce and Cindy.  Royce also has authored a book called Church Discipline and Cindy has co-authored (with her daughter, Angie) a book called Bridges or Barriers. Click here and read more about this wonderful couple’s life story as parents and foster parents, plus their diligent work in the Lord’s Kingdom.  You may contact the DeBerrys at :
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