Morris Bowers

Morris , Age 68

After retiring in 2001, Morris Bowers settled into a comfortable routine of writing. This effort is his fourth book. 

While working full time, Bowers traveled extensively, making many trips to Southeast Asia, China, Europe, the United Kingdom, and across the United States.  This gave him many opportunities to gain an in-depth insight into other cultures and religions.  It has helped him immensely. He gives great credit to the fact of being raised in a devout Christian family as the reason he burns to understand the Bible from front to back. He grew up in Athens, Alabama, which afforded him with a unique perspective of Christian ethics and moral.

Morris is married to Carolyn Bowers, the only love of his life for 47 years.  They have (2) children (Kelli & Kevin) and (5) grandchildren (Amanda, Laura, Matthew, Bradley, and Amie).  Morris will tell you that they are a true joy to their lives.

Morris is the author of The AD 70 Doctrine which is coming out soon. If you have any questions for Morris, you may contact him at:

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