Mike Wilson

mike wilson

Mike Wilson is an evangelist with the Church of Christ at Santa Clara, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He has preached in 21 states and done local work in California, Oregon, and Alabama. His educational background is in Biblical Studies (FloridaCollege, graduating in ’79 and ’81) and French (Cal State Fullerton, BA in ‘91). He was a founding editor of Focus Magazine for eight years (’97-’04) and has contributed to numerous books and publications. His books include Evangelism Toolbox (’02), Christians and Cancer: a journey of hope (’05), and his newly released Faith in Action: Studies in James (’08). Mike’s wife, Cheryl, is a survivor of inflammatory breast cancer. The couple has two daughters, Megan and Brooke, both of whom are faithful Christians.

If you have any questions, contact Mike at: mikewilson@spiritbuilding.com

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