Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen has been preaching regularly since 1995 and has worked with congregations in Ohio, Indiana, South Dakota, and Kentucky.  He regularly conducts gospel meetings and lectureships for churches of Christ throughout the United States. His articles have appeared in several gospel papers and he has authored quite a few Bible study workbooks. Additionally, his work in evangelism has taken him to Ukraine, Belize, and Canada and for a number of years he hosted a local call-in radio program.

Allen enjoys the outdoors. Hiking, golfing, camping, and canoeing are some of his favorite recreational pursuits. He enjoys traveling and experiencing the beauty of God’s creation. Matthew and Becky (King) were married in 1994 and have two children, Emilea and Zackary.

Matt is the author of 1 & 2 Timothy and TitusCommuning with the LordThe Minor Prophets, Vol 1The Minor Prophets, Vol 2When Opportunity KnocksLiving a Spirit Filled LifePaul’s Letter to the Romans and From Fear to Faith.

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