Kipp Campbell


Kipp Campbell currently lives in Sellersburg, IN, with his wife Hollie and their three boys Brian, Drew and Noah. He has spent several years, at this writing, laboring with the church in Clarksville, IN. Before moving to work at Clarksville, Kipp worked with congregations in Brownsburg, IN (intern program), and West Columbia, SC, as well as doing appointment preaching in the Atlanta, GA area. Kipp is a cheerful young man with an exuberant personality who loves the Lord. In addition to his work with local congregations and gospel meeting work, he has published several tracts and has made two evangelistic trips to Mariupol, Ukraine. He plans to continue overseas work as time, Hollie, and three young sons will allow.

Kipp Campbell is an avid STEELERS football fan who is deeply sorrowful about living in a state where he is surrounded by so many followers of the COLTS franchise. But he has learned to live with it and is doing well in spite of the handicap. Kipp is the author of The Parables of Jesus.

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