Joanne Beckley

Joanne Beckley

Joanne Beckley is a Texas native and the daughter of Gospel preacher Glen Barnhart. She attended Florida College as a Bible major. She and her husband have three sons and at present are the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.

As the wife of an evangelist, she has lived in various states, traveled to many countries and spent over 21 years in South Africa. Besides developing Bible studies for her growing boys, she prepared and taught lessons for the women among the Indian populace in the Durban area, the northern tribal area of the Venda, and the metropolitan regions of greater Johannesburg.

Returning to the States, she was amazed to find no known religious material directed toward the special needs of older women. With the encouraging help of many older Christian women, she wrote her first book, Learning to Sing at Midnight. Because she had been out of America for such a long time, Joanne recognized some of the changes that have gradually overtaken Christian women in our society. Joanne has taught women in many locations on various biblical subjects. She has been responsible for introducing or initiating the “Bible Lab” teaching program in several churches. She has also enjoyed working as a hospice volunteer and took advantage of seminars to be able to help abused wives. She continues to be a fine helper in the work of spreading the gospel in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique, as well as one of the editors on the OUR HOPE website at

Joanne is author of Learning To Sing at Midnight and Forgotten Womanhood.

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