Lorna McMurray

If you haven’t guessed it already, Lorna McMurray is the wife of Mac, our head honcho at Spiritbuilding Publishing. She is pictured above on the left, with daughter Sarah, in Georgetown, CO. Although she has been working at this for awhile she finally submitted, amid much foot dragging, to being added officially to the staff list.

In addition to holding in the reins on Mac, tracking her kids in Colorado and Illinois, caring for her aged mother, fulfilling the role of doting grandmother, and acting as clean-up foreman around their property in the country, Lorna also helps proof much of the printed material and CDs that Spiritbuilding publishes, and keeps track of sales and royalties for our authors.

Over the years she has developed her talents in teaching and organization so that she brings real value to the team. While both of her children were in Elementary School she went back to work outside the home, in the local school system, substituting first as a teacher and in food services. She then moved into full time work in food preparation. Before leaving Brownsburg Jr. High she was managing the cafeteria where she honed her computer and spreadsheet skills that keep our authors happily receiving royalties and also keeps Uncle Sam happy by tracking sales.

She has likewise developed her skills in spiritual service by devoting herself to over 30 years of teaching Bible classes at almost every age level. Although her students will tell you she does a great job, she herself will testify that she is not as comfortable teaching adults as she is young children. And the age group that has thrilled her the most over the years has been the toddlers. That’s right. The twos and threes that so many try and avoid has become her favorite group of students. She and Mac have helped several congregations over the years to organize and develop curriculum programs and she is always called upon for guidance and direction in that most important age group. She works hard on her classes, puts in hours of work, and loves the result when parents tell her about their children singing songs in the grocery store or car seat during the week. Lorna has been to Russia with Mac, holding classes for the ladies there. She has been with him in home studies, and taught ladies classes and children. She truly has a heart for teaching and building spirits and that is exactly the recipe we need for cooking up great things at Spiritbuilding Publishing.

Mac is understandably proud of her and glad to have her on this team as well as his own. If you have any questions that you think she might be able to help you with, please feel free to email her at Lorna@Spiritbuilding.com.