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Before I Speak
Childish or Childlike

Be Reasonable
Called By Name
Broken Like A Tree

Before I Speak
A Real Faith

Clinging to the Wrong Rock
Don’t Go to Church
Faith Takes A Back Seat
False Equality
Family or Homeless
Hatred is an Odd Problem
Have You the Sight of a Blind Man?
How Do We Receive It?
How Much is Required?
Judging Intentions
Just What Is Humility?
Living Stones
Mere Talk
Must We Always Learn the Hard Way?
No Bones About It
More Than Discouragement
Shocking Speech

I Like Bullet Points

How Sufficient Are You
 The Facts Of Life
  He Knew What He Wanted
  Authority is Easy
Who Are The Lost Sheep

Making Mistakes With the Scriptures
 Materialism, How To Counter It
  God’s Active Grace
What Has it Got to do With Me?
NEW Do We Hear?

Anger A Good Thing
It Takes All Kinds
Compromising With Evil
The Core Will Tell
Did Jesus Encourage Drinking?
Different Strokes
Do Not Fret
Essentials for Our Millennium pt.1
Essentials for Our Millennium pt.2
Essentials for Our Millennium pt.3
Essentials for Our Millennium pt.4
How Often is God With You?
How To Get An A in Bible Study
I Don’t Mean Anything By It
I Believe the Bible…I Think
If You Will Not Believe…
I Like Ketchup
The Importance of Placing Membership
No Group Discounts
Nothing But Leaves
Not of Ourselves
Oh No What Will We Do?
One Thing Leads to Another
With All Boldness  
The Silliness of Comparative Psychology
  The Hidden Secret in Doing Good  
Olympic Lessons

 Brand Name Christians
Are You Blessed?
  What Does Your Church Do For Easter?
Mission or Maintenance?
Perfumed Lessons
NEW Not Far From the Kingdom
NEW The Philosophy of Progressivism
NEW What Was so Bad About the Sin of Judas
NEW Why Doomsday Prophets are Wrong