Dana Burk


Dana Burk has extensive experience as a Bible teacher for all ages.  Not only has she developed and taught numerous Bible class curriculums and VBS series for children in the different congregations she has worked with, but has lectured and taught many women’s groups, retreats, and ladies classes throughout the South and the Caribbean.  She also assisted her husband in writing a series of personal work lessons they and others have used for many years to teach people the gospel one-on-one.

She and her husband, Tol Burk, along with their three children, lived in the Virgin Islands for eight years where he labored as an evangelist from 1990-1998.  During Tol’s nearly thirty years of preaching, they have also worked with congregations in Texas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. They continue to make numerous trips each year to work throughout the Caribbean (including the Spanish speaking islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic) preaching and teaching the gospel as well as conducting VBS classes there each summer.

Dana and her husband, Tol, now reside in Columbia, Tennessee (when they’re not on some Caribbean island) where he labors for the Jackson Heights church of Christ as one of the ministers.  They are the parents of three faithful Christians and the very proud grandparents of five. Dana is the author of I Will Not Be Lukewarm.

If you have any questions, you may contact Dana at: DanaBurk@spiritbuilding.com

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