Craig Duhut

Craig Dehut

Craig Dehut was born in Salem, Oregon. He is one of six children, with four older brothers and one younger sister. His parents, Bruce and Linda, currently live in Louisville, Kentucky, where his father works as an evangelist.

Craig was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes at the age of ten and thrown into a world that he did not understand. With the help of his parents, numerous friends, and wonderful doctors, God allowed the lessons to be learned from such an ordeal make themselves known. Craig’s journey has taught him that trials aren’t given to punish us, but to make us better.

Craig was homeschooled through highschool and graduated in 2002. He attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in Video Production in 2007. After a brief stint in Tampa, Florida, Craig now lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and enjoys being closer to home.

Craig’s book, “Her Little Soldier” was written initially as an outlet, a way to express the thoughts, fears, and frustrations that come with living with Diabetes. It quickly became a tool, meant to help and inspire those that have been touched by this disease and to encourage everyone to recognize that God uses trials to make us into the people that He wants us to be.

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