Carl McMurray


Carl (Mac) McMurray started in 1976 preaching and teaching in local churches in Iowa, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, and Indiana. Since 2004 he has labored with the Anderson church of Christ in Anderson, Indiana.  His work in certain local congregations has included serving as an elder, and directing intern programs for young preachers.  He has trained nine young men over the years, all nine of which are currently continuing to labor full time in gospel preaching.

McMurray has spent over 42 years preaching full time including 15 trips to the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, and Africa where he has assisted in scouting, church planting, teaching, food distribution to Christians, and follow-up. 

Mac has 17 years of experience on live call-in radio, as well as hosting a cable TV program, and some live call-in television programming over the years. He also worked with his daughter to produce a pre-evangelism DVD to introduce the church at Anderson to the community, and a side note is that Spiritbuilding provided the sound system for that project.

Besides being Chief Muckety Muck of Spiritbuilding, Mac also works hard with the everyday goings-on of the company, although he would tell you that without the help of his team of Lorna, Sarah, various proofers, Jamey Hinds as typesetter, Mark Hudson as KING of IT, and great authors, he couldn’t do a thing. His artistic talents are a plus when he’s designing covers, or typesetting books and publications.

 He also is a co-director of Open Hearts Helping Hands, an organization that assists and helps feed New Testament Christians in Zimbabwe.You can learn more of this group at

He and his wife Lorna, of 43 years, consider themselves blessed to have been kept busy serving the Lord in teaching efforts and outreach, from two-year-olds to adults, in this country and overseas. They have two children,Forrest, Sarah and an outstanding son in law Nate Harrison to make three faithful Christian children. A sweet genius of a grand-daughter, Willow Grace, and two handsome grandsons, Silas Graham and Murray Daniel are just icing on his cake..  

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