About Us

The Beginning

Although the tax records say that Spiritbuilding Publishing began in 2004, the real beginning for the company goes back a decade to when the owner, Carl (Mac) McMurray was hosting a live, call-in, hour long radio program on a local FM station each Sunday morning. Rather than just preach as other religious programs were doing, McMurray chose to begin with a monologue and then open the phone lines while he Mac Radioinvited guests to sit in, shared time with interns, commented on religious news, and drank his morning cup of coffee. This  style of Bible teaching was interspersed with music and even commercial interruptions which he wrote and directed local Christians in.

The program was popular enough to break all call-in records at that station in any genre (including evening sports shows, live broadcasts and auto programs), and requests began flooding in from all over Indianapolis for CDs of the unique acappella music that he opened and closed the program with. Because the music simply wasn’t available in Indiana at that time Mac began ordering bundles of CDs as a service for many who were looking for a fresh sound in the music of praise.  Some of those who wanted the above music came back asking for books, so for the next decade Mac contacted book publishers and distributors and tried to save money for people who wanted to build their own Bible study toolboxes. During this time tax numbers and book inventories were obtained while friends with the same interest in helping others volunteered help with the website and more. With all the volunteer help, no profit and little overhead, the cost of books and CDs was kept just barely high enough to avoid breaking the one rule of this venture ordained by Mac’s wife, Lorna, “This scheme of yours can not come out of the household budget!”

The Name

McMurray followed the sport of weightlifting and bodybuilding for most of his life, as a form of exercise. Speaking in lectureships and gospel meetings in different areas of the country allowed him to visit gyms and workout rooms of almost every kind, from the spandex & juice bar establishments to the dark, sweat stinking, “you better not be wearing those girlie shorts in here!” type where you expect to see Rocky hanging from a rafter doing crunches.

It was always a strange thing to see so many people over the years watching their diet, religiously counting reps, and scheduling weeks of exercise and rest to reach a “peak” for competition while they ignored the other side of their life. It just seemed natural to label this second interest of his as spiritbuilding.

The Team

Spiritbuildings’ mission is to provide music and materials that will help people enter and win this contest we call life. The people that work together in this venture are all Christians after the pattern of the New Testament and not affiliated with any human denomination or party or paper. The staff people that you will be in contact with are a small group that allows us to offer personal service to customers and authors. Sarah is our main graphics artist, photographer, and consultant with degrees in Photo-journalism and Physics (just in case we have any difficulties with astrophysical phenomena) as well as a Masters in Bio-materials handling (in case we need help at the molecular level). Lorna keeps track of the books when she’s not tied down as our number one proofer, and many of our authors are more like family members than business partners. They jump in and help out in many areas and we’re blessed to have them all. Most of our authors are paid standard royalties while some are so insanely committed to the same ends as we are that they have handed over materials just to help the business grow. Pretty cool, huh? And everyone on board is committed to providing attractive, quality, biblical materials to encourage and build up the spirits of believers.

The Future

In a small market and officially as still a newer venture it’s sometimes difficult to see what lies ahead, but the Spiritbuilding vision continues to grow as more and more talent seems to fall into our lap. We are always looking for men and women with positive spirits and a desire to share the results of their study so future projects are starting to pile up. Our business seems still to increase each year, even in these tough financial years and we are thankful to faithful customers for that. We’re looking forward to some real excitement in the future in achieving our two main goals of…

1)      serving others with beauty and encouragement, and
2)     staying out of Mrs. McMurray’s household budget. 

Thanks for your interest.


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